The Sit-ins

The Greensboro sit-ins sparked the nationwide student-led chapter of the Civil Rights Movement.  The A&T Four ignited our city -and later a nation- to action.  We aim to follow in their footsteps to radically change the social order that continues to oppress people economically, politically, and socially.  We believe in bold, courageous, and effective action.  We listened to the surviving A&T Four as they returned to Greensboro for the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the sit-in movement this February 1, 2010, and some of us met with them.  We are connected to other people who organized the sit-ins in Greensboro as well. Our organization is an outgrowth of the inspiration we draw from them and the others in our history who’s accomplishments we stand on.

We are not formally associated with the A&T Four or the International Civil Rights Center & Museum which recently opened downtown.


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