The Problem

There are a number of pressing concerns in our city, including a lack of employment opportunities, safety, access to resources, and persisting racism. We see all of these issues as interrelated and important to address.  We find that a structural analysis is necessary to understand not only why things are the way they are, but to figure out what to do about it. With this lens, we have asked ourselves what is standing in the way of community progress and unity in the city.

The Police Department

For these reasons, we are focusing on the subculture of corruption within the police department which has existed for a long time and has endured through various police chiefs, city managers, city councils, and mayors.  Until we deal with police corruption, we will be unable to adequately address other major concerns in our communities. We are for good police work, but the subculture of corruption is preventing other officers from carrying out their duties as effectively as possible.

There are numerous historical examples of how the police in Greensboro have not only protected an unequal distribution of resources and power, but how some elements of the department have actually stepped outside of the law to impede movements for justice like the one we are a part of. As an organization we are primarily focused on the recent events but we continue to study the history of this issue in Greensboro.

We are most concerned with the reckless behavior of the GPD gang squad, the scapegoating of Officer AJ Blake, and the lawsuit of 39 officers of color suing the city, and the legacy of racism within the police department left by former chief David Wray.


One response to “The Problem

  1. greenresident

    You need to put specifics on this site about what you are trying to change. Names, dates, times, actions. Also specific proposals of how you want specific problems corrected.

    What is the reckless behavior of the GPD gang squad?

    How was officer AJ Blake scapegoated?

    Are you for or against the lawsuit of 39 officers of color suing the city? Why?

    What legacy of racism was left within the police department by former chief David Wray?

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