Who We Are

Statement of Intent

It is our vision that, in the spirit of the young women and men of Greensboro’s Historic Sit-In Movement of 1960, all citizens, regardless of ethic or social background, will have an active voice in the community on decisions that affect their lives and can serve as a catalyst for engaging in and incorporating into the democratic process as we go towards a common goal of fighting injustice.

It is our purpose to build a network of movements committed to connecting, mobilizing, and building a collective voice with marginalized members of our community by helping them claim their power and by moving their struggles to the forefront of the community.

After celebrating the 50th anniversary of the sit-in movement in February, students throughout the city came together to form the Spirit of the Sit-in Movement Initiative.  Looking to the history of our city, we are inspired by the courageous action that previous generations of students took in order to stand for the dignity and worth of all people.  We aim to continue the tradition of meaningful engagement to create a community-based movement that addresses key issues in our city head on.  We are a part of the legacy of the sit-in movement, a part of our campuses and communities, and a part of the larger movement for justice in Greensboro.

Though we are a relatively new organization, we are already taking action.  We have been meeting weekly for several months and have brought up our concerns with the City Council on three occasions, who is ultimately in charge of the police.  We met privately with Mayor Knight and the Assistant City Manager for Public Safety, who not only refused our request to address and acknowledge these issues but actually told us they would not work on pre-existing issue but would only look forward.  We are currently in the process of preparing our next steps to hold the police and City accountable and educating our peers about these important issues in our community.


One response to “Who We Are

  1. Hi. I attended yesterday’s NAACP Meeting. I will be discussing our latest challenges during the second half of my broadcast. I will mention SSMI, and make a peaceful call for community involvement and action.

    If any of you (SSMI members) would like to be a guest(s) on the show; to bring enlightenment; I would be delighted. You may email my office with the best way to reach you so, we can get you scheduled.

    Keep up the good work. I support you 100%.

    In His Love & Grace,

    Host of “Ta’Wand_Talk”
    Email: tawandallen7@yahoo.com

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