City Manager Reduces Ban on Five SSMI members

City Manager Rashad Young reduced the ban on five Spirit of the Sit-in Movement Initiative members today from two years down to one.
After taking over City Council’s seats on May 4, 2010 to draw attention to the City’s inaction around misconduct in the police department, the City Manager’s office banned the five members who were arrested as an act of civil disobedience.  Five other members  of the organization took over the seats as well but were not arrested and not banned. The ban has already been reduced to only being banned from the Melvin Municipal Office Building on days when City Council is meeting (twice a month), down from a flat ban in general.

Last week, Young met with three members of the SSMI, including two who had been banned, as they appealed to him to lift the two year ban.  As of today, the ban will end one year from the act of civil disobedience (May 4, 2011).


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