Call For Volunteers

We are recirculating this call for volunteers from the Beloved Community Center who we are partnering with for Greensboro Justice Summer.

The Beloved Community Center is looking for 15-20 dedicated volunteers to join us for Greensboro Justice Summer.  It will be an extensive grassroots campaign where volunteers will learn a variety of community organizing and outreach skills and will participate in educational sessions about the history and current issues in our city.

Greensboro Justice Summer is a coordinated effort between the Beloved Community Center, the Spirit of the Sit-in Movement Initiative and other organizations to address the subculture of corruption within the Police Department and other key issues.  We will conduct a vast door-to-door drive, host public hearings, and organize a massive outreach campaign.  The summer long campaign will ultimately attempt to re-educate the public and build a stronger democratic voice in the community around issues that affect us all.

We are looking for volunteers who can commit a regular amount of time each week throughout the summer. We can be flexible and fit your schedule, and no prior experience is necessary. For more information please call us at 336-230-0001 and ask for Eric Ginsburg or Joseph Frierson.

417 Arlington St, Greensboro NC 27406.  336-230-0001.


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