Press Conference with NC NAACP President

Wednesday morning, the Spirit of the Sit-in Movement Initiative held a joint press conference with the Greensboro Pulpit Forum and the NAACP to address the pervasive and dangerous issue of a subculture of corruption in the Greensboro Police Department. We were joined by the state president of the NAACP, Rev. William Barber, who spoke about the need to involve state and national leadership of the NAACP as well as the state and federal government in the ongoing lack of police accountability in the city. The press conference was well attended by local press. The News-Record covered it beforehand in their police blog as well as a front page web article afterwards. The Carolina Peacemaker was there as well as YES! Weekly who already posted a well-researched article on their website. In addition, Channel 14 did a piece as did Fox 8, and WFMY Channel 2 ran a short article.

SSMI holding a banner in front of the meeting

On Tuesday, six members of the Spirit of the Sit-in Movement Initiative attended the meeting for community input on the selection process for a new police chief. We held a banner outside and passed out flyers highlighting the characteristics that are important for a chief and those aspects that we do not wish to continue.  Some members spoke inside the meeting, and many of the people in attendance were community members who were at our meeting Monday.  The two other community input meetings had pathetically low turnout, with one of them netting just one attendee.


One response to “Press Conference with NC NAACP President

  1. How do I help these young people.
    I’ m one of the old activists. Hearing of these people gives me faith that what I fought for, back then, may still ring in the hearts of others for others.

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