Our Young People are Speaking, Who is Listening?

The following was submitted as a Letter to the Editor of the News-Record but was never printed.

We write to express our strong support of the area college students of the Spirit of the Sit-In Movement group who are working to address the critical issue of police accountability in Greensboro. We have taught several of the students involved, and we know them to be exceptionally thoughtful, caring and responsible student-citizens, deeply involved in the various Greensboro communities. They stand out for being and doing what we hope for all young people in our democracy. As such, we urge Mayor Knight, the City Council, and fellow community members to give attention to the very serious, indeed urgent matter of police accountability that the students and their allies are placing before us. As did local young people 50 years ago, these students are calling us to wake up to injustices that threaten the fabric of our community. Will we listen?

Spoma Jovanovic, Sherry Giles, Dan Malotky, Stephen Schulman, and Ed Whitfield Instructors for “Reclaiming Democracy: Dialogue, Decision-Making, and Community Action”


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