Community Meeting Held, Struggle Expands

Monday night (5/10) over 125 concerned residents of Greensboro gathered to become more informed about the issues in the Greensboro Police Department and to learn ways in which they can join the struggle for justice and the elimination of corruption in our city.

Unfortunately, due to the outrageous curfew imposed by the local magistrate, the members of the Spirit of the Sit-In Movement Initiative who were arrested at the city council meeting were not available to attend the community meeting. Members of the community agreed to:

a.) Attend a press conference that is being held tomorrow morning at New Light Baptist Church

b.) Be present at New Light on this Sunday for the NAACPs regularly scheduled meeting which will address the issues we are facing and

c.) Join in some way to help in the ongoing fight against racism, corruption, and double standards in our police department. The press conference will be led by the Reverend William Barber, head of the North Carolina NAACP, and members of other organizations coming together to create a sustained effort to get down to the root of these issues.


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